Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Exilon 5 by Eliza Green

I recently finished reading the first book (Becoming Human) of the Exilon 5 series by Eliza Green.  This is a self-published science fiction series that, to be honest, I only read because the first book was free on Amazon Kindle.  I'm very glad I read it as it was a very good science fiction book that mixes science fiction with a nearing apocalyptic Earth.

The book takes place approximately 150 years in the future.  Earth is very polluted.  Masks are required to walk outside.  Humans have populated a second planet, Exilon 5.  However, an alien race, unknown to humans, lives on Exilon 5.  I won't given anything else away, but it was a very interesting read and one I recommend to you or your science fiction loving kids.  

My only complaint is the ending of the book was very abrupt, even for a continuing series.  Most book series have some sort of plot conclusion at the end of each book before moving on to the next book.  The end of this book came across as more the end of a scene than a more typical book conclusion.  Regardless, I enjoyed this read and have already purchased the next two books in the series.  

You can either buy all 3 books in the series for $9.98 or get the first free and buy the next two at $4.99 each.  Either way the price is the same.

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