Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Children of Auberon by J. Wolf Scott

Readers of this blog know that in addition to being a science geek, I'm a lover of fantasy and science fiction books.  So are my kids.  They've been checking out more and more comic books along with fantasy books from the local library.  In addition we've been reading the Harry Potter series together (currently on book four).  We recently purchased the book series "Children of Auberon" by J. Wolf Scott.

Scott is an author my family and I personally know and we purchased these books (currently six at a local event and had them signed by the author.  Super cool!

We haven't started reading this series yet as we have to first finish reading the Harry Potter book we are about halfway through.  Once finished with that book, we're going to start with "The Sodality".  This is the prequel to the five book series.  The sixth book in the series (seventh counting the prequel) releases in the summer of 2017.  Although I can't provide a review at this time, I'm excited to read it with my kids.  Once we finish I'll post a review here, on this blog.  

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