Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Most Read Posts on this Blog

Every once in a while I like to check and see which blog posts have been most popular on the Cool Science Dad blog.  I started this blog 4+ years ago and this is post #1255.  Of all of those posts, which are the 5 most read posts based on page visits?

5.  Volleyball - 3,048 page visits

4.  Thunder/Lightning Misconceptions - 7,269 page visits

3.  What Direction Does the Sun Rise and Set - 9,290 page visits

2.  Can You Get a Moonburn? - 15,740 page visits

1.  The Egg Drop Experiment - 16,115 page visits

Wow!  16,000+ page visits for the Egg Drop Experiment!  That's a lot of page visits!  This experiment is commonly done in high school physics classes.  I did this every year for my students when I was teaching physics.  Students typically had a lot of fun, and frustration, building ships to house an egg.  We'd head to a parking garage and start to drop the ships from higher and higher heights, trying to see how high the ships could be dropped and still protect the egg from breaking.  Each year a couple of ships would survive a four story fall onto grass.  We'd then move over to concrete.  In all the ships dropped in my physics classes over the years, only one resulted in an unbreakable egg!   Just one!

If you're interested, check out the posts above.  Find out if you can get a moonburn.  Learn about misconceptions related to thunder and lightning.  The Sun rises in the east, right?  Not so fast!  Check them out.  Knowledge is power!

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