Monday, December 26, 2016

Fun with Science Gifts

It's the day after Christmas and most of you are probably spending time with family or out shopping looking for the best after Christmas Day sales. Or possibly returning that ugly brown sweater vest your Grandma Betty gave you as a gift.  Yes, that was me a few years ago.  One of my grandmothers gave me this very ugly sweater vest that I'm pretty sure she pulled out of her husband's (my grandfather's) closet!  It's been a running joke in my family for years now!  Every Christmas it comes up as a topic of discussion and we all have a good laugh over it!  One year my wife and I received a combo gift.  It was a used lamp that had a burnt out light bulb in it.  LOL!  Gotta love family!

Anyway, I hope you received a few science themed gifts for Christmas.  If not, add some to your list next year so your family will know that you need more science in your life.  If you didn't, be sure to send a few science themed gifts yourself!  I guarantee you that you have at least one, if not several, science lovers in your family.  Show that you love them by recognizing their love for science!  We all need more science in our lives!

Have a great day!  Have fun with science and enjoy the time you have with family!  Try not to blow yourself up either with that brand new shiny chemistry kit!!!  :-)

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