Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mindware Products

My daughters don't know it yet (shhh!  Don't tell them!), but they are about to open Christmas gifts in a couple of days and among their gifts are a few items from Mindware, which describes itself as selling "brainy toys for kids of all ages."

We received a product catalog several weeks ago in the mail and my daughters spotted it.  They went through it and circled ideas they like and we thought these were great gift ideas.  One of the things we purchased was a 14 in 1 robot kit which has materials to build 14 different solar powered robots.  Super cool!  There are a ton of different great gift ideas here with plenty of options to choose from for both younger kids and older kids.  I suspect we'll be heading back to this online store for upcoming birthdays as well as Christmas in 2017!

I encourage you to check it out yourself (see link below).  If you're looking for good gift ideas and aren't sure what to get, search Mindware for some cool science themed gifts.  

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