Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Scotland: The Scotch Whiskey Experience

Following our visit to Ediburgh Castle, we walked a short distance down the Royal Mile and stopped in for our tour appointment at the Scotch Whiskey Experience.

We took the Silver Tour which was a tour lasting about an hour.  The tour started with a whiskey barrel ride where you learn about how Scotch whiskey is made.  This is followed by a tasting of whiskey and tour of their whiskey bottle collection.  We toured a room with 3,000+ unopened bottles of whiskey!

We also learned that whiskey will evaporate in a closed bottle over time, losing about 2% of its volume per year.  There were several bottles of whiskey in this collection that were no longer full.  A few were half full or even lower.  There was even one bottle in which ALL of the liquid had evaporated!  This just proves to me that one needs to drink the whiskey quick!  LOL!  Of course we stopped in the gift shop following the tour and purchased a bottle!

The tour is interesting for kids as well.  Although kids can't taste the whiskey, they are given a non-alcoholic beverage, so don't shy away from the Scotch Whiskey Experience if you are traveling with your kids.

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