Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ticket to Ride - Horrible Geography

Before I jump into the horrible geography aspect of the board game Ticket to Ride, let me be clear that this is an awesome board game.  It's easy to learn, it's a lot of fun, and it's fast paced and games are completed within an hour for most games.  Don't let what I say below stop you from playing Ticket to Ride.  With that disclaimer, take a look at the image below.

It took a couple of games before I noticed the issues with the location of several cities on the game board.  Start with Chicago.  Chicago is in Illinois.  On the board Chicago is inexplicably placed in Indiana.  Boston, located in Massachusetts, appears to be placed in the southern tip of Maine on the board.  Omaha is a city in Nebraska, not in Iowa as shown on the board.  Granted, Omaha is on the Nebraska/Iowa border, but Omaha is a Nebraskan city, not an Iowan city.  The board has Miami located, not on the coast of Florida, but more toward the middle.  In fact, it's closer to the Gulf of Mexico border than the Atlantic Ocean side of Florida it is actually located.  Then there's the state of Minnesota.  Having lived 5 years in Minnesota, I am appalled at the location of Duluth on the board game.  Duluth is located much farther north on the southern tip of Lake Superior.  The city marked on the board is not Duluth, but Minneapolis/St. Paul!!!  Also, New York City appears to be in New Jersey on this board.

There are probably several other geography errors as well that I'm just not catching at the moment.  Again, Ticket to Ride is a wonderful game, but riddled with geography errors and I'm not sure why.  There's no reason for the misplacement of cities and in at least one state, labeling the incorrect city!  Don't let this stop you from playing but please understand that the Ticket to Ride board game should never be used in a geography lesson!

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