Monday, March 24, 2014

Are GMOs Harmful?

Over the last couple of years you've likely heard a lot about genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  Most of what you've heard has probably centered around GMO foods being harmful to your body.  There's been a push by some lawmakers (usually democrats) in some states to require manufacturer's to label all foods that use GMOs.  Other manufacturer's advertise that their foods are non-GMOs.  So here's the real question.  Are GMOs harmful to your health?

This is where we need to look into the science.  Recent news gives the impression that GMOs are new, but this is not true.  Humans have been producing GMOs for thousands of years.  In addition, there are no studies with clear results suggesting eating GMO foods is harmful to your body.  Again, there is no evidence that eating GMO foods is bad.

Are there possible ill effects from GMOs?  Yes...if farmers continue the same strain of GMO crops year after year, these crops may produce insects or diseases that are resistance to current herbicides and pesticides.  This could result on crop/food shortages across the globe, but this is a completely different issue from the health of GMO foods.

So we hear a lot about GMOs, but in terms of their effect on people's health, there are no studies that support any sort of negative link.

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