Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Astronaut Food

For a recent summer camp I taught to 4th-6th graders we ended each day by trying out some freeze dried astronaut food.  It serves as a great discussion starter on the food and water difficulties when in space.  Each day we tried a fruit and then followed it up with a dessert.

Some foods tasted better than others.  The strawberries, for example, tasted horrible!  My 7 year old was too young to attend this camp, but once she found out I was taste testing astronaut foods, she made sure to make it very clear to me to bring some home!  As the Dad, I made sure to bring some home for fear of receiving her wrath if I didn't!  LOL!  

You can often find packages of Astronaut Food at science museums, but you can usually get it a bit cheaper by going to:

The food isn't cheap, about $3-4 per small package, it's a neat little science demo you can do with your kids.  

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