Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Evolution for Preschoolers - Grandmother Fish

If you're not familiar with KickStarter, it's a website that lists various projects that people are seeking funding for.  If the funding goal is met, the project is a go.  The point of KickStarter is to showcase projects in need of funding.  If you like a project, you are free to donate to it and help fund it.

I recently ran across an awesome book idea on KickStarter!  It's a project to write a book for pre-schoolers on the topic of evolution.  It's called "Grandmother Fish:  A Child's First Book of Evolution".  I have a pre-schooler myself so the project hits home and received $25 from me.  A $25 donation gets you a copy of the book when it is published in March 2015 (estimated).

You  have until July 22, 2014 to help fund this project.  I definitely recommend you check it out.

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