Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bird Eggs and Cheese

The words in the title of this post may seem an odd combination, but hang with me for a moment and it will all be clear in the end.  I mentioned in a previous post last summer about a bird's nest in our backyard.  Another bird's nest this year appeared with a baby bird and 3 other eggs.  The 3 other eggs never hatched, so we took a look at them one day, long after the baby bird and grown and left.  We cracked them open to see what was inside and here's what we found.

Just like a chicken egg, the bird egg contains yolk, which is hardened in this case.  My 3 year old looks at it, smiles, and starts telling everyone that the eggs were filled with cheese!  Looking at the color of the egg's interior, it does have a cheese type color, although it's far from cheese inside!  Every now and then she'll bring it up again and talk about the cheese in the bird's egg.  LOL!

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