Monday, July 20, 2015

Home Alone Science

As a kid I saw the movie Home Alone in the theater and have since seen it many, many times.  Home Alone is one of those movies I think most of us have seen several times.  It's a great family movie!  I was very excited to share this movie with my daughters the other week.  We checked it out from the library, made some popcorn, and cuddled on the couch as a family.

There's one scene, however, that has always bothered me.  It's the scene when Kevin (the kid left home alone) pulls out his sled and slides down the stairs and out the front door.  Kevin positions himself against the left railing, yet the door is farther to the left than the left railing.  By aligning with the left railing, Kevin can only go straight or right, and will thus slam into the house wall.  

To make it out the front door, Kevin most position the sled on the right side of the stairs and aim to the left.  This scene always bothered me, even as a kid.  I guess it's the geek in me coming out.  :-)

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