Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Northern Ireland - Giant's Causeway

I recently posted on visiting Ireland with my wife and kids.  The island is actually composed of two countries.  There's the Republic of Ireland and there's Northern Ireland.  Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and separate from the Republic of Ireland.  When visiting Ireland, we also traveled into Northern Ireland.  There's no border check when crossing.  The only difference is that road signs are in miles in Northern Ireland and kilometers in Ireland.  There's much to see in Northern Ireland and one of those must sees is the Giant's Causeway.

The scenery here is absolutely amazing, as you can tell from our pictures, below.

The Giant's Causeway is filled with thousands of hexagonal shaped rock structures you can walk across.  These are the result of ancient volcanic eruptions.  Awesome!!!  There are several hiking paths you can take, including one that takes you up the cliff and allows you to see down on the Giant's Causeway as well as far off into the distance.  We took this hiking path and the kids loved it!  I'd have to say this was one of my favorite sights on our trip to Ireland.  Loved it!  If you make it to Ireland, and you should definitely do so, make sure you visit the Giant's Causeway because it is AMAZING!!!

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