Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pluto Images!!!

NASA released several closest approach images of Pluto yesterday and they are AMAZING!!!

Above is an image of Pluto's surface showing a mountain range with peaks reaching 11,000 feet!!!  Very cool!!!

Above is a full image of Pluto.  Check out that large heart shaped, smooth area.  There's evidence on Pluto that the surface has been resurfaced within the last 100 million years, which isn't necessarily expected for a planet as small as Pluto.  It was expected to be geologically dead, but that may not be the case.  There's also a very large crater seen on the center-left of this image.  

Images were also taken of Pluto's large moon, Charon.  

Wow!  Simply wow!!!  Check out the large canyon structure cutting across the center of Charon.  It's estimated to be 4-6 miles deep.  That's 4 - 6 times DEEPER than the Grand Canyon on Earth.  Holy cow!!!  On top of that, Charon has a large dark spot on the top of this image.  What is that?  

To put it bluntly...AWESOME!!!  New Horizons was beyond successful and data will continue to be analyzed over the next couple of years.  New Horizons also took data on Pluto's atmosphere and initial data shows signs of methane.  Much more to come in the weeks, months, and years ahead, but these images are beyond AMAZING!!!

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