Wednesday, July 29, 2015


My wife, daughters, and I unwillingly participated in a science experiment regarding the tomatoes in our garden.  Each spring we plant 15 tomato plants.  They typically grow 3-4 feet and produce a ton of tomatoes.  Every August we find ourselves canning tomatoes and making salsa because the plants produce far too many tomatoes to eat before going bad.  Not this year.

We planted our plants in mid-May as normal, and they did okay at first, but stopped growing.  Now they are completely dead.  Why?  The ridiculous amounts of rain we've had this year.  Basically it has rained so much and never dried out that the roots rotted and the plants died.  Just as there is a thing as too much water for humans, there's also a thing as too much water for tomatoes.  Not much we could do about this.  We ended up with about 10 tomatoes...from 15 plants!!!  Not 10 tomatoes from each plant, but 10 tomatoes TOTAL!!!  This sucks big time because we love garden fresh tomatoes!  The tomatoes they sell at the grocery store are NOT the same.

I suppose we'll just have to buy tomatoes from the local farmer's market this year.  We participated in a science experiment and definitely learned something, although I'm not sure this is the type of knowledge I really wanted!  LOL!  As the saying goes in sports...there's always next year.

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