Monday, July 4, 2016

Are Tornadoes More Likely to Strike Mobile Home Parks?

It's July 4th and everyone's focus is on fireworks, but since we are still in the middle of tornado season, it's important to know the truth of tornadoes.  There are many, many misconceptions regarding tornadoes.  In previous posts I've discussed tornadoes crossing rivers and tornadoes hitting cities.  Today let me talk about the misconception that tornadoes are more prone to striking mobile home parks as opposed to solid structure homes.

No.  Tornadoes do not target mobile home parks.  Think about this for a second.  Does the tornado have a brain that determines where a mobile home park is and head straight there?  Of course not!  In no way is a tornado attracted to mobile home parks.  So why is it this misconception exists?  The answer is the damage done to mobile homes during a tornado.  Mobile homes are less solid structures than standard homes and buildings.  When a tornado does strike a mobile home park (at random) the damage is typically much greater as a result of the weaker construction and foundation.  Where there's greater damage, the incident sticks with us in our memories.  That's it.  Tornadoes aren't sentient beings.

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