Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Radiolab Podcast

Is there such a thing as too many science podcasts?  I hope you answered no to that because I have another science podcast to share.  I briefly mentioned this podcast in a list of podcasts several months ago, but since then I've had a chance to listen to several of the episodes.

Radiolab is a high quality podcast produced by WNYC Studios.  They typically release one new podcast per week that is related to science in some way.  There's probably less hard science discussed in these podcasts than other podcasts but that by no means diminishes the quality.  Often times the podcast focuses on the story behind a science discovery.  For example, a recent episode focused on the difficulties of ice skating.  The physics wasn't discussed, but the difficulties behind the sport in terms of injuries, judging, and politics was.  Another episode focused addictions and medications that may help.  Radiolab podcast episodes almost always contain a personal story behind the science with several interviews.

If you still have time in your schedule for a new podcast (I encourage you to stop watching Dancing with the Stars to make time) Radiolab is an excellent choice for an addition.

For more information on Radiolab and how to access the latest episodes, go to:

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