Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Should You Open Your Windows in a Tornado?

Several days ago I posted a couple of myths regarding tornadoes and then discussed the truth.  Another common tornado misconception is linked to the windows in your house.  It's very possible you've heard that during a tornado you should open your windows to reduce damage to your home.  The misconception states that the large difference in air pressure outside of the window versus inside the window produces a large force that can shatter your windows.  Opening the windows equalizes this pressure and reduces home damage.  Not true!

It is true that a large pressure difference can apply a large force to a window and possibly break it.  In a tornado, however, homes are damaged due to strong wind and flying debris, not pressure differences.  Taking time to open your house windows in the false hope this will save your house and increase your chances of surviving wastes valuable time in seeking shelter.  If you're running around your home opening windows, you are not getting to safety.  During a tornado your best chance of surviving is if you immediately seek shelter.  Forget the windows.  Opening them does nothing.

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