Monday, July 18, 2016

Introduction to Tennis

Last month both of my daughters enrolled in a week long tennis camp offered by their school.  Neither had played tennis before and I've never played tennis before.  My wife has, but it has been years since she last played.  We had to run out and buy rackets for them before the first day.

Both of my daughters loved it!  My oldest competed in a friendly tournament on the last day.  Her and one of her good friends competed as a doubles team and finished second out of four teams, earning a runner's up trophy.  Both were super excited!  It was great watching my daughters learn the basics of tennis.  Since my daughters were in different sessions due to their age difference, while one was on the court, the other practiced with me in the parking lot.  

We got to talking afterwards and my wife and I are getting rackets with plans to head to the courts to play with our kids.  Tennis is relatively easy to learn the basics and do some standard volleying back and forth on the court.  This is not to say that tennis is easy to play competitively.  It's not.  But to go out and have some fun, hitting the ball back and forth with a racket is easy to pick up for people of all ages.  

I encourage you to give it a try.  We all need exercise and tennis is a great way to get that exercise and have fun at the same time.  

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