Monday, September 26, 2016

Fun Science Experiments

The other day I had 10 minutes to kill before the start of class and I didn't feel like starting a new work task/project.  So I googled "Fun Science" and found this page.


It's a page filled with all sorts of science experiments for kids that teach basic level science. Several of these experiments I've done in the past with my kids, but there are a few that are new to me that look cool to try out.  There's one on making butter and another on freezing oil and water.  The oil/water activity is probably a density separation experiment.  We've done many of these as a family, but never by freezing the solution.  There's also the walking on eggs experiment.  I've had my eye on this one for awhile, but have never gotten around too it.  It's similar to walking on hot coals, but the goal is to walk across a carton of eggs without breaking the eggs.  Impossible right?  The experiment results say otherwise.  You can be assured I will post our results here when I have them.  

So check out this website and pick out a few experiments to do with your kids.  

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