Monday, September 19, 2016

The Chet Kinsman Series by Ben Bova

I'm currently working through the four book Chet Kinsman series by Ben Bova.  Ben Bova is a science fiction writer whose most famous book series is the Grand Tour, a 23 book series looking at space colonization.  He's written several other books outside this series, including the one I'm reading.

The Chet Kinsman series includes the following four books.

  • The Weathermakers
  • Millennium
  • Colony
  • Kinsman
I've read the first two books.  The Weathermakers focuses on Earth and the manipulation of weather systems.  The second book, Millennium includes a character from The Weathermakers, but now focuses on the startup of a space colony.  I've just started reading Colony and it also focuses on space colonies along with extreme weather conditions on Earth making Earth unlivable.  

The Chet Kinsman series is an interesting hard science fiction series that I've enjoyed reading thus far.  I like science fiction, in particular hard science fiction.  It's interesting how various authors perceive the future on Earth.  Given the lack of urgency on climate science in society, it's not hard to envision a world described in science fictions novels such as these.  

My kids are getting older, but they are not yet at the reading level to tackle these books.  They take me awhile to read.  They're quite interesting and I have hope my daughters will like science fiction.  I'd love to discuss these books with them.  However, I fully realize that although they'll like some of the same things I like, there'll also likely be many differences in their likes and dislikes.  If they like science fiction, fantastic.  If not, there are plenty of other ways to bond with them as they grow.  

If you are a fan of science fiction or know someone who is, point them toward Ben Bova and the Chet Kinsman series.  

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