Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wisconsin Dells Duck Boat Tours

One of the activities we did while in the Wisconsin Dells last month was a Duck Boat tour.  Duck boats are vehicles that travel on both land and water.

We had a blast on this 1 hour tour that took us through the forest area of the Wisconsin Dells as well as on the lake.  We saw several deer, just hanging out a few feet from the vehicle as it drove by.  Very cool!  

There are a few other companies that offer duck boat tours.  The tour we went on was done by the Original Wisconsin Ducks.  If you go with this tour company, do NOT buy your tickets on-site at the ticket window.  Either find a coupon and bring it, or purchase the tickets on your phone for 20% off adult ticket prices.  I bought them on my phone standing 5 feet from the ticket window!  You immediately get a QR code sent to your email that is used as your ticket.  Piece of cake and saved 20% off on all adult tickets.  We had 6 adults with us, so the savings were significant!

Will you get wet?  Unlikely.  The boat moves slow enough on water that you won't really get wet.  Maybe a few drops here or there depending on where you sit, but I wouldn't worry.  There are duck boat jet style tours that move much faster and you WILL get wet from what the advertisements state.  So choose wisely based on what you want.  :-)

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