Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Vsauce YouTube Videos

There are an amazing number of excellent science-themed YouTube channels out there and this is a great thing!  There's no time to watch them all, but each one offers its own thing or has its own niche within the YouTube science community.  There are some I enjoy better than others.  Some are shorter while others are much longer in length.  Some focus on more general science topics, while others are very specific in the science field they discuss.

Today let me share with you Vsauce.  The Vsauce YouTube channel has the following for its channel description.

"Our World is Amazing"

Yes, yes it is!  Vsauce is a channel that explains some of the amazing things observed in the world.  Videos come out sporadically, but when they do they are excellent.  Recent video topics include Alzheimer's and the Brain, How the Earth Moves, and Math Magic.  Vsauce videos are typically longer in length with videos approximately 20 minutes in length.  Thus they go into much more depth than science channels with 3-5 minute videos.

I encourage you to check out Vsauce.  As I've said above, the videos are quite interesting and filled with science!

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