Wednesday, January 18, 2017

BrainBox: Art

Now that Christmas has come and gone and my kids have had an opportunity to dive into most of their gifts I'm going to share a few posts looking at the science themed gifts they received, starting with the Art version of BrainBox.

We purchased several gifts for both kids from MindWare, including a set of BrainBox games for our 9 year old.  She had previously picked these out as something she wanted, so we purchased a set of four, giving her two for Christmas and saving two for her upcoming birthday.  One of the two she received for Christmas was the Art edition.  The game itself is very simple, but using memory and critical thinking skills to play.  Inside are a box of thick cards, each with a painting (replicas of real, famous paintings) on it with tidbits of information related to the painting.  You have ten seconds to examine your card on your turn.  Then someone else asks a question (several on the back of the card) and you have to answer it based on memory or possibly things you already know about the painting.  It was a fun game that only takes 10 minutes to play, so something you can play even if you don't have much time.

These BrainBox games are very cool gift ideas that run about $15, although you can buy them in sets at a rate cheaper than $15 per box.  If you're short on gift giving ideas for kids, consider one of these.

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