Thursday, January 26, 2017

March for Science

The steps the current White House Administration has taken in just the first few days since the inauguration are astonishing in a bad way.  There are so many things to say, but let me focus on science.  The administration is led by someone who thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax.  The administration is led by someone who has surrounded himself with climate change deniers, anti-vaxxers, and others who completely disregard science.  What do we, as those who understand the need for science, do?

We march!  I ask you, if you haven't already, to join the March for Science movement that has exploded in the last few days.  There is a not so secret secret group on Facebook with 500,000+ members.  This Facebook group started earlier in the week and already has a 1/2 million followers!  This movement is currently planning a march in Washington D.C., very similar to the awesome Women's March that took place on Saturday, January 21 in DC and in many cities across the country.  There are several ways to join the March for Science.  First, join one of the online social media groups.

March for Science Facebook Group

March for Science on Twitter (@ScienceMarchDC)

Share their posts to your friends on Facebook.  Re-tweet them on Twitter.  Do whatever you can to spread this resistance movement.  This administration may hate science, but we will not let this country ignore the power of science!  In addition, there are several resistance/alternative twitter accounts representing real science agencies.  Why alternative accounts?  Because the current administration has demanded these agencies stop sharing science.  Facts do not matter to this administration.  If it goes against their very extreme ideology, they shut down the agencies and people working for those agencies.  Government employees working for science agencies are in extreme danger of losing their jobs if they speak out.  Thus the revolt!  A few of the alternative Twitter accounts are:




There are many others out there too.  When I say "We March" that may not necessarily mean you need to go out and directly march.  There is much more you can do.  Spread the news.  Share the facts.  Promote real science.  Write and call your representatives in Congress and at the state level.  If you want to march but can't get to DC, it's very likely there will be other marches on the same day in a city nearer to you.  The date of the March for Science in DC is not yet announced, but when it is, I'm seriously going to consider going.  I don't know if I'll make it to DC, but I will definitely look at a march in a nearby city on the same day.

If we sit and remain silence, science will disappear.  When science disappears, we all lose.  And by lose, many will literally lose their lives.  This is not a joke.  Climate change denial, vaccine denial, de-funding of science agencies, and attacking scientists and their families will result in the loss of many lives.  There is a war on science going on this very minute.  We must stand up and RESIST!

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