Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Making Bathtub Fizzies

Over the holiday break, while visiting family, my two kids and two of their cousins made bathtub fizzies (bath bombs).  There are several different ways to make bathtub fizzies.  The one they made (my sister led them in this endeavor) came from a science experiment book my niece recently received.  It used tartar powder as the main ingredient.  There are other ways to make them, including a recipe at this link:

Making Bathtub Fizzies

When finished, ours came out looking like this:

Once back home my daughters tested one out in the bathtub.  My 9 year old said they fizzed in the water like they were supposed to and smelled good, but my 6 year old was less than impressed.  I think she was expecting some sort of volcanic like explosion when the fizzie was dropped in the water.  LOL!

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