Monday, January 9, 2017

Climate Change -

I'm in the process of writing up a longer post on climate change, something we know to be true based on scientific data.  Regardless of one's beliefs, the world's climate is warming and that warming is primarily caused by humans.  The data is absolutely clear on this.  Before digging deeper into this, however, I want to share with you an amazing website that helps clear up some of the misconceptions regarding climate change.  The name of the site is Skeptical Science.

Skeptical Science

The thing I love about this website is that although it is constantly updated with recent updates in the field of climate science, there is also a huge section on the most used climate change myths that attempt to debunk climate change as real and/or human caused.  This site informs you of the pseudoscience climate change denialists try to pass as real science and then informs you of the actual science.

The website was founded and is maintained by Jon Cook, the Climate Communication Fellow for the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland.  Cook does an excellent job communicating the often complicated science of climate change to a general audience.  I get feed updates anytime Cook updates the site, typically a couple of times per day.

If you have questions on climate change or aren't sure how to respond to someone attempting to debunk climate change, then definitely check out Skeptical Science.  It's quite likely you'll find your question answered here.

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