Thursday, March 16, 2017

Blurry Photos Podcast

If you're in the market for a skeptically based podcast, look no further than Blurry Photos.

Blurry Photos Podcast

I discovered this podcast a couple of months ago.  It's produced by a couple of guys who discuss some of the crazy conspiracy out there and educate listeners to the truth of what happened or didn't happen.  In addition they mix a good does of humor into their discussions, making this a very enjoyable podcast to listen to.

They typically produce a new posts once a week and I look forward to it each time.  I appreciate that they spend time finding less well known conspiracy theories.  It's great to discuss the major conspiracy theories, but it's also good to hear about the lesser known ones as they can often be as damaging to society as the more well known ones.  Check it out and take a listen!

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