Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Do Kids Grow Faster in the Spring?

The other day my 10 year old was reading from a "science fact book" she picked up at the local library.  One of the facts stated in the book is that kids grow faster in the spring/summer than they do in the fall/winter.  Is this really true?  I was immediately skeptical as nothing immediately came to mind that would cause this.  I've spent a bit of time searching on the web and sure enough, there are several sites stating this 'fact'.  One of the first to pop up in my search is:

Unfortunately this site doesn't say why or point to any research studies looking into it.  This fact site below says the same thing and fortunately has a citation.

43 Stirring Facts about Spring

You can see the citation on the website, but can't access the actual article to verify or see whether the citation is reputable.  I also saw several forums of people trying to explain why this is true, but no actual research was cited as far as I could find.

To conclude, I simply don't know.  Kids go through growth spurts, but are they related to seasons.  Despite several websites saying yes, I find no research supporting this.  On the other side I find no research refuted this either.  In fact, I find no research at all looking at children's growth versus the season.  Maybe this 'fact' is true.  Maybe it isn't.  Then there's the question of causation vs. correlation.  If there was a link, is a direct result of seasons or something else that just happens to coincide with seasons?  For now, I remain skeptical and have no reason to believe it is true until further research suggests otherwise.

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