Thursday, April 6, 2017

OLogy: A Science Website for Kids

Yesterday I pointed readers to a great website at Harvard linking the abstract of a study as a weekly science update.  Although a great site, it's not best for younger kids as the information provided will be way over their heads.  A website that is great for kids is:

OLogy: A Science Website for Kids

Ology is put together by the American Museum of Natural History.  There's a ton of cool stuff to do on this website.  Each day there is a new "card" that honors a current scientist and describes a bit about what he/she does.  There's a listing of various science fields, including physics, climate change, anthropology, microbiology, etc.  Kids can click in each area and learn more about those individual fields of science.  Within each area there is a ton of stuff for kids to discover and learn!  There are games, stories, hands-on activities, and videos.  A great rainy day activity for when your kids are bored or just in the mood or some science!!!

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