Monday, April 24, 2017

Science & Nature Brain Box

For my daughter's 10th birthday we gave her the Science & Nature BrainBox game.  She received the Art BrainBox game at Christmas.  The game itself is very simple but supplies a ton of science/nature facts to players.  Inside the box are several heavy duty "cards".  Each card is packed with information on a specific science/nature topic.  Players are given about 10 seconds to analyze the card.  After the time is up, a question or series of questions on the back of the card is asked to the player who viewed the card.  The player viewing the card has to correctly answer the question to earn the card.  Play moves on to the next player.  The player earning the greatest number of cards after a certain time period or certain number of rounds wins.  Simple, yet educational!  Both my kids love playing these!

The boxes themselves are relatively cheap.  It looks like you can buy individual boxes (games) at around $10-20 each.

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