Thursday, April 13, 2017

Red Dwarf Science - Twitter

If you're a Twitter user there are several users you can follow that tweet science related material.  Unfortunately there are many users tweeting science that isn't entirely correct and in some cases blatantly false.  There are those that intentionally tweet fake science news.  Many times these are easy to spot.  The tougher ones to spot are those that tweet real science, but they sometimes sensationalize it to send a message that is misleading.  In some cases these users tweet 'science' without double checking the validity of it.  They unintentionally post fake or mis-leading science.  One user that does an EXCELLENT job of sticking to real science without sensationalism is Red Dwarf Science.


In Twitter I create lists so I don't miss tweets from specific users.  I have a 'Science' list and Red Dwarf Science is in that list.  I never want to miss one of their tweets!  Again, if you have Twitter, check out this user.  You can expect daily science tweets that will accurately inform you of current events in science.  

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