Friday, December 21, 2012

Potty Training

As parents, my wife and I are entering another exciting journey.  Our two year old is beginning the process of potty training.  We've gone through this journey once before with our 5 year old so we have some experience.  This is a great moment for our two year old, but it's one that I'll be glad when it's done.  I'll be most happy about no longer having to buy diapers.  The money spent monthly on diapers will be a welcome addition to the monthly budget!

Flushing the toilet is cheaper than buying diapers!

I wish I had some science advice to offer parents on potty training.  There are many methods that you can research on the web.  Not one of them worked with our 5 year old.  We tried a number of different methods, but none seemed to push her closer to becoming fully potty trained.  So what did we do to potty train our older daughter?  Nothing.  One day, right after turning 3, she came to us and said "Mommy, Daddy, I don't want to wear diapers anymore."  And that was it.  She never wore a diaper again.  All of that work by Mommy and Daddy and the thing that pushed her away from diapers was her deciding that she was done with diapers.

If I had to guess, our 2 year old will be the same way.  She's quite independent and strong willed.  She has a much stronger personality than our older daughter.  She also has our older daughter to look up to.  She's very much into doing everything that big sister does.  Since big sister doesn't wear diapers, it probably won't be long before she decides to stop wearing diapers.  Again, we as parents can try and try to assist our youngest in potty training, but it's likely that she will make the decision to become potty trained, regardless of what Mommy and Daddy have to say about it.

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