Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wash Your Hands After Handling Money

As parents we should always make sure our kids are washing their hands before eating and using the bathroom.  Good hygiene is a key factor in leading a healthy life.  What we don't always tell our kids is that it's important to wash their hands anytime they handle money.  Several studies show some amazing facts when it comes to money and what's on the money.  Here are a few results from money studies.

1.  A majority of U.S. bills tested positive for cocaine.
2.  94% of U.S. bills tested positive for staphylococcus (including fecal matter).
3.  Many U.S. bills have more germs than a typical U.S. toilet.  
4.  U.S. bills have been shown to transport the live flu virus 17 days after initial contact.  

If you're not willing to lick the toilet, you shouldn't be willing to eat after handling money.  Teach this to your kids and help them develop good hygiene.  

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