Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What is Theory?

What is a theory?  Most people are clueless when it comes to the definition of theory.  A theory is not a random guess.  If, before meeting you, I were to say you're a jerk, that's not a theory.  If anything, it's a hypothesis, but even a hypothesis is an educated guess based on prior information.  Since I have no information on you, given that I just met you, my stating that you're a jerk is simply a guess and nothing more.  Again, a theory is NOT a guess.  A scientific theory is:

"A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on knowledge that has been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experimentation."

It's very important to teach your kids the difference between a scientific theory and a guess.  Again, don't let your kids grow up science illiterate.  The misconception of a theory usually comes into play on more "controversial" issues such as evolution and big bang theory.  Yes, they are theories, but they are scientific theories.  Neither is a guess.  Evolution and big bang are theories developed and based on an unbelievably large amount of scientific data/evidence.  

Claiming that creationism is just as valid as evolution and big bang because they are all theories, is just plain false.  Creationism is not a scientific theory.  It's not based on evidence (unless you want to include the Bible as evidence, at which point we have a completely different topic to discuss!).  Evolution and Big Bang Theory are.  

Here's something else to chew on.  If Evolution and Big Bang Theory are just theories and shouldn't be trusted, what's that say about the Theory of Gravity?  Do we no longer trust/believe in gravity?  

This post isn't intended to argue evolution vs. creationism.  That debate was settled by science long ago.  The point of this post is to look at the misconception that most people have with a scientific theory.  A scientific theory is NOT a guess.  It's based on data/evidence that has been analyzed in many different ways.  Teach your kids science literacy by teaching them the correct definition of "theory".


  1. The debate was not settled on evolution it was just spread like flies to those unknown and then taught down to those who are unable to speculate on the "scientific guess." Funny you use Gravity, but Newton wrote more about the Bible then he ever did about science. Explaining what was unseen as what is now known as fact to most is not the scientific method, but educated guessing. There are plenty of PhD holder in Geology to Astrophysics to Genetics that can find many flaws in your "theory" of molecule to man, but the world itself offers many eye witness beauties that one would account to a creator as did Sir Isaac Newton to the inventor of the MRI to Lunar Module Engineers. As far as the Bible goes, the historical facts, not just scripture, but facts recorded outside the authors that wrote Gods Word, show plenty of truth about the mirales of our Lord Jesus Christ, who spoke Gods Word...the ultimate Creator. Are you telling me evolution orchestrated a human body that can successfully produce 500 quadrillion chemical reactions a second each day to sustain life, and create more life to just pure chance of an organism gobbling up another organism and becoming one??? Carbon dating has also been disproven by nuclear physicists. And i just heard today, there are companies today that can take our loved ones carbon remains and produce a diamond in just weeks. But, naturally that takes millions of years...correct. There is no logic in your theory other than guessing. A major global flood was also documented in numerous cultures writings, which a flood globally would distort your fossil record, and actually has been in relation to pollen found in precambrian rock in south america. Whats your thoughts on the moon and its distance from earth. Have you done the math on the fact its moving away, but could not have been that old if the math follows its route backwards. Perhaps the moons past distance and changing of the tides was the creation of the flood in the first place. Funny how Gods description of the creation of the universe was close and written 6000 yrs ago, but just based on Einsteins theory and Hubbles invention, we just figured it out. Oh i know, it was light, then sun, then earth. Well God decided otherwise, he chose light, earth, then sun. His creation, his choice. What research have you done other than follow an institutions choice of literature that will always be biased as are most scientists research as one wants to get published, not mocked. Why keep evidence of false findings, when i can keep experimenting until my discovery fits the time scales ready for publication.

    You wont publish this, but can contact me at louie.ford@yahoo.com with your further evidence where i can always find fallacy and prove otherwise....especially radiometric dating. Cool maybe, science probably, but dont do this to your kids DAD

  2. I'm not sure why you would think I wouldn't publish your comment. All comments to my blog are moderated to avoid advertisement postings. I learned this the hard way when I first started this blog and had all comments open. My posts were flooded with advertisements for products unrelated to the posts. Thus the reason for moderating comments before publishing. I may not agree with a comment, but as long as that comment is related to the post, not an advertisement, and not a personal attack on me or my loved ones, I see no reason not to publish it.

    The beauty of science is that it doesn't rely on beliefs. As Neil deGrasse Tyson so aptly put it:

    “The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.”

    In other words, the science speaks for itself. Do scientists have all the answers? No. What a boring place this world would be if they did! It is the lack of answers that drives human curiosity to explore the surrounding world. I cannot image a world in which humanity doesn't seek answers to the unknown. Science is our tool to discover how the world works. A world without science is a world not worth living.