Thursday, April 24, 2014

Father Daughter Dances

This is a call on all dads out there to take time out of your schedule to participate in any father daughter dance opportunities that arise.  Many times elementary schools will set up an annual father daughter dance.  Do everything you can to attend!  You only have so many opportunities to dance with your little girl before she becomes a big girl and is off doing her own thing with her friends.

When you attend a father daughter dance, be an active participant.  Set some expectations with your daughter.  If your daughter is one who wants to run off with her friends, then let her know that you expect her to return and dance with you for any and all slow dances.  If your daughter, like mine, isn't one to wander off with her friends, then make sure you're paying attention to her.  Talk with her, dance with her, stay off your phone, and look genuinely interested!  I get that a dance may not be the funnest thing in the world for a dad, but you can make it fun by actively participating with your daughter.  I'm not saying you should be in the middle of the dance floor shaking it to Baby Got Back.  But don't hide off in a corner with your arms folded or playing on your phone for the full two hours.

If you play an active role in your daughter's life now, while she's young, she'll let you play an active role in her life when she's a snotty teenager!  :-)

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