Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Marker Hands

As mentioned in a previous post, I took my 7 year old daughter to work with me for 2 days over her Spring Break.  One would think that different schools in the same community would align their Spring Breaks with each other, but no.  Thus my wife and I had to work while my daughter was out of school.  Oh well.  My 7 year old packed bag of things to do while I taught classes.  On the first day we arrived at the office around 7:45 AM.  I told her I had to do a bit of work and prep before my first class of the day.  No problem, as she pulled out a coloring book and some blank paper and worked on drawing some pictures.

Less than 10 minutes later she comes over to me and says she needs to wash her hands.  Just as I start to ask why she needs to wash her hands, I look over and see this:

Ok, I have a Ph.D. in astrophysics, and yet I do NOT understand how it's possible to get one's hands this colored after just 10 minutes of drawing!!!  How...is...this...possible!?!?!?!  LOL!

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