Monday, April 14, 2014

Lunar Eclipse Reminder: April 15, 2014

A reminder that there's a great opportunity to see a total lunar eclipse (for the U.S. and most of the western hemisphere) early tomorrow morning. From an earlier post on this:

"The April 15 eclipse begins at about 2 AM EDT.  This is when the Earth's shadow just starts to creep across the surface of the Moon.  Totality begins at about 3 AM EDT and ends at about 4:30 AM EDT.  The Earth's shadow  moves off the Moon at approximately 5:30 AM EDT."

Tuesday, April 15 is a school day for my 7 year old and a long work day for me, but I've decided I'm not passing up this opportunity.  I'm going to set the alarm and wake my kids up and take them outside (assuming it's not cloudy).  Yeah, it might be a rough day, but the opportunity to share an amazing astronomical observing event with my daughters is priceless.  It's a moment they'll never forget!  And neither will I!

Hopefully I'll have a post soon about our experience.  If not, it means it was cloudy and I went back to bed disappointed!

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