Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Summer = Sunscreen Time

Summer is quickly approaching which means it is time to stock up on sunscreen for you and your kids.  I've posted about sunscreen before, most recently here.  There are new regulations on SPF numbers since studies show that really high SPF numbers are no better than SPF 50.  Thus all sunscreens are now supposed to be labeled SPF 50+ (not SPF 85 or any number higher than 50).

SPF Regulations

I realize it can be annoying and oftentimes frustrating to lather your kids with sunscreen whenever they go outside.  However, consider the long term alternative.  A sunburn itself heals and your skin returns to its normal color, but there are long term affects due to deep tissue damage.  This is where your chance of skin cancer later in life greatly increases.

Here is a great source for stats and info on skin cancers.

Skin Cancer Facts

All it takes is one serious sunburn as a child to greatly increase your chance of skin cancer later in life.  As an adult you can protect yourself, but your kids need your help to protect them.  Do you parental duty and lather your kids up with sunscreen, even if they kick and scream while you do it.  :-)

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