Thursday, April 17, 2014

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

The official "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" this year is April 24.  However, you don't have to wait until April 24 to take your daughter to work and share your day with her.  This is easier for some jobs than others, but if there's any way possible to take your daughter to work, even if it's just an hour or two, do it.  This is especially true for dads.  Open up your lives to your daughters and help them understand what you do every day when you're not home.

I had the opportunity in March to take my 7 year old to work with me for a couple of days over her Spring Break.  I'm a teacher and my spring break did not align with hers, so while she was on Spring Break, both my wife and I had to work.  For 3 of the 5 Spring Break days we had to take her with us to work.  I took her for 2 days and my wife took her for 1.

My 7 year old packed a bag of things to bring and do while I taught classes, but she sat in the classroom with the other students.  She said she enjoyed it, and although I can tell she was getting a bit bored by the end of the third day, coming to work with me on occasion is a great experience for her and a great bonding experience for her and her dad (that's me!!!)  If you have an opportunity to take your daughter to work, do it!

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