Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ant Farm Setback

I mentioned several days ago that my wife and I gave our 8 year old an ant farm for one of her Christmas gifts.  She was excited as was our 5 year old.  The ant farm doesn't come with the ants since the ants would not survive sitting in a box for who knows how long waiting for someone to pick it up and buy.  The kit comes with a voucher to order the ants for free from a supplier.  Cool!  Waiting a few days is no problem.  What I didn't consider was the typical weather during the winter season.

The supplier will not ship ants in the winter as long as there is a chance the temperature will drop below 32 degrees F for the obvious reason that the ants will likely die during shipping!  Bummer!  It makes sense, of course, and we don't want a vial of dead ants.  Still, it was a bit disappointing knowing we have to wait a couple of months before getting our ants for the ant farm.  

So, consider getting an ant farm for your child, but just be aware that you may not have ants right away depending on the season.  

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