Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Science Channel - YouTube Channel

Once a week, for the next several weeks, as well as the last two weeks, I'm sharing a YouTube channel that specializes in science.  Thus far I've shared ASAPscience, The Backyard Scientist, and Braincraft.  This week's science YouTube channel is the Science Channel.

The Science Channel is connected to the Discovery Channel on cable TV.  Several clips are from science shows on this cable network.  There are several themes, including 'How is it Made' and 'Outrageous Acts of Science'.  Basically these videos are trailers to the TV shows, but enough is shown to learn something from the YouTube videos.  

I encourage you to check it out and show your kids.  There are quite a few very cool videos!  For example, just the other day I learned how gingerbread house pieces are made!  Now I can share the background information to my kids the next time we are struggling mightily getting our gingerbread houses to stay standing!

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