Monday, February 8, 2016

The Green Bean Science Experiment

Last week I shared my excitement of my 8 year old's first science fair project.  I explained the basic procedure which is to test the growth rate of green bean plants "watered" with different liquids.  The germination time for these seeds is 7 - 14 days, and I'm happy to report that we are seeing results on Day 7!!!  Nothing was observed on Day 6, but the very next day we could see a tiny bean green plant just starting to poke above the soil.

The liquids used are water, milk, orange juice, orange powerade, and coke.  The water and orange powerade cups are showing green bean plants.

The labeled cup image shows the liquid used in the image just above it.  The images do not do this justice as it is very hard to see where the green bean sprout is at.  Trust me, it's in there.  Nothing was observed in the other cups on Day 7, but there are a few mold layers and the milk cup reeks!!!

And by reeks I mean it smells horrible!  All in the name of science!  Stay tuned for further results.  The next step is the measure the height of the bean green shoots each day to see if there are difference based on liquid used to "water".  

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