Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Potato Experiment

My 8 year old is in the process of doing a potato experiment.  The goal is to test how quickly spuds grow on a potato in various conditions.  We started with several potatoes that all came from the same bag.

Full disclosure:  The above picture is not our bag of potatoes.  It's a stock photo.  Apparently I didn't take a picture of our bag of potatoes.  :-)

We next pulled out several bowls, putting one potato in each bowl.  Then my 8 year old put them in various locations around the house.  One potato went in the refrigerator.  One potato sat on the kitchen.  One potato was placed in a dark closet.  Another potato was placed in the bathroom.  One potato was placed next to the window, exposed to daily sunlight.  The final potato was placed next to the heat vent on the floor.  

So yes, we are the house that has a random potato in a bowl sitting on the bathroom counter and another sitting on the living room floor next the heat vent.  :-)

Check back soon for results...or not so soon as I'm not sure how long it will take for the spuds to appear!

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