Tuesday, March 15, 2016

An Introduction to the Solar System - Video

As an astronomy teacher, if I had to make all videos and images from scratch, I would fail.  I'd spend so much time constructing videos/images and so little time focusing on the pedagogy of teaching astronomy that I'd be a failure as a teacher.  Fortunately there are so many amazing videos/images out there that I can devote myself to the pedagogy.  Take the Solar System for example.  I spend a full semester focusing on the different aspects of it, but like to give students a very brief overview to start the semester and give them an idea of what we'll be talking about.  I can do this by talking and/or trying to draw pictures on the board, but fortunately there are tools on the web to help me do this.  Just the other day I saw this awesome introduction to the Solar System video on YouTube.

An amazing video by "Kurzgesagty - In a Nutshell"!  I will definitely be using this in my first class of astronomy next semester.  It's a great video for kids too who have questions about the Solar System and what's out there and how everything works.  Watch it!  

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