Wednesday, March 2, 2016

CrazyRussianHacker - YouTube

There are a great number of science YouTube channels out there.  The CrazyRussianHacker is a guy with a Russian accent who produces short videos showing off science experiments.  He is clearly excited about science and enjoys sharing science.  The videos are usually only a few minutes in length, so something that won't take much of your time.  In addition, many of the experiments he does do not require fancy equipment so you can likely do them in your own home.  I've bookmarked several of his video to later share and do with my daughters at home.

I encourage you to check this channel out and point your kids to it.  These videos are just one more tool to get kids excited about science!  Getting your kids excited about science at a young age will result in adults excited about science!  Adults excited about science vote for politicians who support science.  This results in a better society for all of us.

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