Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How to Find a Quality Travel Mug

I typically bring a coffee with me to work every day and drink it from a travel mug, such as those below that are currently on my desk.

Go Broncos!  :-)  Oh yeah, and visit Iceland.  It's an amazing country and an absolutely gorgeous place to vacation!  Okay, back to travel mugs.  What makes a travel mug a quality travel mug?  For starters, you don't want your travel mug falling apart after a few uses.  Just as important, you want you travel mug to keep your coffee warm for as long as possible.  How do you quickly tell if your travel mug is good at keeping your coffee warm?

Easy.  Poor the hot coffee in your travel mug and put the lid on.  Grab the side of your travel mug with one hand.  Does the mug feel very hot, warm, slightly warm, or room temperature?  If the mug feels very hot, this means the energy in the coffee is escaping and your travel mug is not doing a very good job of keeping your coffee hot.  If your hand barely feels warm or feels like room temperature, you have a great travel mug.  It's all about energy loss.  If your coffee is losing energy, its temperature will quickly drop.  If your coffee isn't losing energy, aside from what you drink, the temperature will stay high for a longer period of time.  

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