Thursday, March 10, 2016

Star Trek: Enterprise

My daughters and I have been watching episodes of Star Trek:  The Next Generation together whenever we have the chance.  The other day we decided to try something new and they chose Star Trek:  Enterprise.

Prior to the other day, I had never seen an episode of Star Trek:  Enterprise, so it was an interesting experience.  Enterprise takes place before any of the other Star Trek series and focuses on Earth's first attempts to send humans out to explore the galaxy.

I'm not sure what I think.  I like it.  It is Star Trek, after all.  :-)  Of all the Star Trek series, my loyalties lie with The Next Generation.  My daughter's however loved Enterprise and are hooked on it after just a couple of episodes.  LOL!  In the end it doesn't matter.  Star Trek is awesome regardless of the series.

You can watch every episode of all series on Hulu!

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