Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Head Lice Misconception

If you're a parent reading this then it is very possible you've dealt with head lice in your children.  We had our first head lice incident about a year ago and then again 6 months later in both of our daughters.  Ugh!  The common misconception with head lice is it primarily occurs in those who do not practice proper hygiene.  Wrong!  And I'm not just saying that to protect my daughters.  Science tells us this is wrong.

Head lice can occur in the dirtiest person you know or the cleanest person you know.  Hygiene does not play a role in the odds of contracting head lice.  If you find head lice in your child's hair, please be sure to make your child aware that it has nothing to do with how clean/dirty they are.  Kids have enough to worry about regarding what their peers may say should they find out to have to deal with misconceptions from their parents.

The best way to avoid head lice is to not share hats, combs, pillows, blankets, etc. with others unless you are absolutely positive they are free of head lice.  And even then you'll never actually know.  Head lice have an incubation period of 7-10 days.  Therefore someone may have lice days before it is ever noticed in the hair.

Lice are a fact of life.  It sucks when you have them, but they are not the result of disease or uncleanliness and pose no direct health hazards.  Comb them out carefully and repeat every day for two weeks and they'll be gone.  Happy hunting!

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