Monday, October 31, 2016

NASA Mobile App

Happy Halloween!  I'm not yet sure if I'm dressing up, but if I do, I will be wearing my full, adult sized cow costume that includes udders!  But that's only if my kids let me!  Anyways, on to some science since you can never have too much science in your life.

The NASA website is a great source for space physics and astronomy related news, activities, and educational programs.  I don't always have access to the web on my laptop, but fortunately NASA has a fantastic mobile app you can download free from your app store on your phone.  It's a great app for browsing recent news, videos, programs, and to check out recent updates on NASA space missions.  It's a great time killer when you've dropped your daughter off at soccer practice and have nothing to do for the next 90 minutes.  :-)

Check it out.  Like I said it's free.  Just search NASA in your phone's app store and you'll easily find it.  It's better than playing Candy Crush or Subway Surfer.  :-)  I encourage you to waste your time learning science instead.  :-)

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